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Dinah Thorpe - “Hold a Place”

Do yourselves a favour and hear her whole album Lullabies and Wake-Up Calls. It’s quite an experience.

Radio Radio - “Cargué dans ma chaise”

Feelin’ me some Chiac rap. 

Christian Hansen - “Small Fry” (feat. Mikey Maybe)

I’m super duper faded on the belly of the night

Many Japanese think their language is so unique that foreigners cannot grip its essence, its beauty or its subtlety. And if some foreigner claims that he has grasped that essence, nobody believes him. One reason they think that way is because Japan is a very homogeneous country that has not been occupied by other countries except for a brief period after World War II. Its culture was not threatened by other cultures. So the Japanese language has been isolated. It has been isolated for maybe 2,000 years. That’s why Japanese are so certain about its uniqueness, its nature, its structure, its function. I think what some young Japanese writers are doing is trying to break, to destroy, that stubbornness, to rebel against that certainty.

- Haruki Murakami (via murakamistuff)

Dark Mean - “Samuel the Phoenix”

I’m fading that’s all. I’m fading so slow, with the sun in my lungs

Banff was gorgeous.

Banff was gorgeous.

Brother + me + Blue Jays

Brother + me + Blue Jays

At the Edmonton airport, boarding in about 15 minutes.

It has been a momentous week on so many levels, from spending all my time with the woman I’m quite fond of, to seeing the Badlands to witnessing the Rockies for the first time. I wish this week didn’t have to end.

View of the Rockies #banff

View of the Rockies #banff